Resume format tips for MCA freshers

Published: 16th May 2011
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When you are on the path of preparing your resume, then there has to be a particular resume format which one should track to write. There are various resume formats which you can choose, or rather where you fit yourself available online. An MCA (Masters in Computer Application) is basically a post graduate degree which makes you more familiar to computer applications and makes you more viable in this field. The chief qualifications involve developing application software and learning computer programming.

There are basically two types of resume formats which are used widely. They are chronological and functional resume formats. Chronological resume is a straight forward resume, which gives your information in a chronology, step by step. Your work experience counts a lot in chronological resume as it is purely based on your work experience. Your career graph has to be gap free. There should not be a single break in your resume for that matter. Your experience should also maintain a continuous flow in the resume without many changes. This indicates how stable you are in your career. This format is mostly preferred by professionals and experienced.

The other format is the functional format, which is mostly the fresher’s favorite. It focuses more on skills that you possess and qualifications, achievements etc. Your experience is given a secondary position in this format as you hardly have one. Other thing you need to highlight is your expertise in a particular field relevant to the job opportunity. The rest scripting pattern is same for both the resume formats. Though whichever format you follow, you need to mention all your qualifications, skills and specifically MCA qualifications that you mastered.

• Jot down your name and contact details along with your email id at the top of your resume.

• While writing an MCA resume, add a section called ‘Technical Summary’ where you can enlist some of your MCA expertise.

• Now the next thing you should think of is your ‘academic qualification’. Starting with your most recent degree first, and then concluding with the latest academic qualification.

• Then is the ‘Skills’ section where you can put your computer skills, programming languages, web development skills, OS, backup etc.

• Also give details on the list of relevant projects you've completed that are related to computer applications. To list all these you can write a section under which you will be able to list all these qualities. Under this section, also explain the nature of the project, the organization it was done for (if relevant), how long the project took and which of your professional skills was utilized.

• Before concluding, add references. At least 3 references should be added and such people should be given the responsibility of referring you who know you well.

If you consider these points before choosing a particular resume format it will help you for sure.

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